Abstract Painting- Gold House Series | Design Source

Pretty woman in books,
golden house in books.
Gold means good things,
bright gold color will bring bright mood to you.

Advantages of this abstract painting:
1. 100% handmade; New and unique design;
2. Customized: Painting from customer pictures is available; Customized sizes or Colors are available;
3. Original creation, High speed on bring forth the new through the old;
4.Famous and professional team for design and production;
5. Years of experience on the projects for international 5 stars hotels and boutique model houses.

Product Description

Name of the abstract painting: Gold House Series
Model of the abstract painting: 6H0001, 6H0002
Size of the abstract painting: W1000*H1000mm
Materials of the abstract painting: Wallpaper, silver foil
Frame of the abstract painting: Solid wood frame

Application of this abstract painting:
1. Hotel and home decoration
2. Model house and mock up design
3. Soft interior design company
4. Coffee store and restaurant decoration

Packing of this abstract painting:
1.Paintings without frame and unstreched: roll with tube, plastic paper covered then into a protective tube;
2.Paintings with frame or stretched: sealed with POF bag to avoid dust and moisture, into carton, outside another wooden frame available if needed;
3.Customized packing way is welcome.

een leaf.


abstract painting
abstract painting
abstract painting
abstract painting
abstract painting
abstract painting
abstract painting