1.0 Business discussion, cooperation exchanges
1.1 Party A provides detailed documents of the project
1.2 Theme exploration, we submit the artwork display proposal and sketch of the style


2.0 Evaluation by Party A
2.1 We draw up the engineering budget
2.2 Party A approves the project budget, and two parties sign the contract


3.0 After signing the contract, Party A should pay the deposit within 3 days
3.1 We collect and study the documents and data, then improve the artwork design solution
3.2 Confirmation by Party A
3.3 Implement the confirmed solution and start production
3.4 Party A makes the progress payment 5 days before installation
3.5 Installation setting


4.0 Transfer
4.1 Acceptance check by Party A within 3 days
4.2 The balance should be paid within 7 days after acceptance
4.3 OK,happy ending