New – Flower Border . Oil Painting

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oil painting

Summer is a colorful season.

Sunshine and beach are the essential theme elements.

The loverly and fresh flowers,

always so beautiful.

Like the wind blowing over,

All the word is becoming so refresh.

What a lively summer.

woman figure oil painting

In the oil painting . flower border series,there are 4 pcs of oil paintings.

This serie is to express the details and the colors of the vigour of the summer.

The matach of the girls and the flowers,

positions the oil paintings are belong to the Modern style.

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woman figure oil painting

woman figure oil painting

Name of the artwork: Flower Border

Model of the artwork: 6D0123-6D0126

Size of the artwork: W600*H600 mm

Materials of the artwork: oil painting

Frame of the artwork: frameless & solid wood frame

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woman-figure-oil-painting (7)

woman figure oil painting

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