• Shipped within 3 business days (excluding weekend and public holidays) for a small size painting;
  • Shipped within 5 business days (excluding weekend and public holidays) for a larger size painting;
  • Shipped within 7 business days (excluding weekend and public holidays) for a customized painting;
  • The small size artworks will be delivered by Deppon express at your own cost; and the larger size artworks will be delivered by Deppon logistics with the freight collect based on the cost of the logistic company.


Return & Exchange

We will repair or exchange (as the case maybe) the artworks that have problems with product quality caused by non-artificial reasons; otherwise, the artworks cannot be returned or exchanged.



  • Brand: Artists of Tian Yu Art Space treat brand as their lives, which have 6 years’ experience in painting, forming a powerful team specialized in design and many profession painters and designers graduated from various vocational art colleges. Tian Yu’s team has a great power in creation and a prefect service system to bring the industry with a new blood. Since we transformed from exportation to sales on line, we always advocate our own brand and implement a strict quality standard on each painting. Based on a steady development, we pursue on product innovation, marketing creation and management innovation to provide customer with high quality and attractive design products and excellent service. In light of the aforesaid, we have established a diversified operation system integrated with development, designing, production and sales.
  • Design: We offer both mass market products and customized unique products to meet all of your needs. We are adhering to the concept that design and creative is the life of a brand.
  • Logistics: In light of the paintings break easily and the customers want to get their goods as soon as possible, we have co-operated with Deppon Logistics, pursuant to which, Deppon will provide profession package and accelerate the delivery to minimize the damage risk and assure the customers receive the best services.
    We are pleased to co-operate with all the customers in or outside China on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.


1. Q: Do your paintings are hand painted and hand-made?

A: Absolutely! We believe paintings by hand-made have a strong anima and verve than the paintings by printing. Therefore, we always insist on hand painting. In order to assure the quality of our artworks, we have a proficient team of trained painters and artists, just to assure your home full of artistry.


2. Q: What is the frame made of?

We offer both solid wooden frame and high density PS frame with all the materials imported from overseas. The PS material is an environmental protection material that contains no formaldehyde; PS material is featured with safety, no toxin, moisture proof and deformation-resistance; whereas, the solid wood is characterized in deformation-resistance and elegance. Our designer will match the frame and painting based on the overall style of the artworks.


3. Q: Is it covered by glasses?

Some of our artworks are covered with Acrylic plates (i.e. organic glasses), which depend on the overall effects of the work. Acrylic plates is lighter than glasses and hard to break, but with a high transparency.


4. Q: Any accessories available?

We offer accessories in accordance with the size of the artworks, please refer to the installation processes below for details.


5. Q: Could it be fixed on tiles? Could seamless nails be used on concrete wall/bearing wall? Is Blu-Tack suitable?

Seamless nails cannot be used on tiles, concrete wall and bearing wall, screws will be needed. If you want screws, please let the customer service staff knows. For artworks under 1KG, Blu-Tack is suitable, otherwise, please drill holes before you hang our artworks.